Success Stories

I desperately wanted help but my wife was ready to give up. I had pretty much been oblivious to our problems over the years and in a great deal of denial. I got to the point where I wasn’t a very nice person and our relationship was suffering, but the last thing I wanted was for a counselor to say it was all my fault.

I reluctantly attended our sessions mostly to say that I had tried everything but was pleasantly surprised when I was not judged for my mistakes. Our therapists took the middle ground and sided with both of us. It made me much more comfortable to take responsibility for my mistakes and my wife did the same.

It seems small now but at the time getting to that place of admitting that I was screwing up was not easy to do. I don’t think we would have gotten there if we hadn’t signed up for the sessions.

Gary and Judy
Coral Springs, FL

I was absolutely DONE with my marriage. I only attended so that my husband could accept that it was over. To my surprise, I really did not want my marriage to end. I just know we needed major changes and I had all but given up hope that they could ever occur. What a mistake I almost made! Thank you for the truly life-changing experience.

Long Island, NY

We we had divorce papers all but signed when we began our intensive. Once we stopped playing the blame game, and both took some responsibility, everything changed. The difference for us was having two therapists and knowing they were not going to take sides.

Los Angeles, CA

We signed up for a full-day intensive. The time flew by and we did another full day about three weeks later. Best thing we ever did for our relationship.

Miami, FL

My husband initially wondered how someone who didn’t know us could actually help us. What we both learned was, it was not about giving us advice or even fixing our problems. What they did was bring out the answers and solutions that on some level my husband and I already knew. We are still together and credit the sessions we had at couples on the brink.

Dallas, Texas

We were initially anxious about not going through our insurance company to help pay for sessions. When we found out that with traditional marriage counseling either my wife or myself would be diagnosed with a mental disorder, we decided to attend Couples on The Brink. Our therapists were very professional and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone going through tough times in their relationship.

Garden City, New York

We put off going for help way too long. We got the help we needed in about 7 hours and used the remaining time for follow-up sessions. They really helped as well. For us, this was the only way we were going to stay together.

West Palm, FL

I thought we would need 3 straight days to get everything out. 25 years worth of yuck! As it turned out, we were in a really good place after the first 4 hour day. We were glad we could flexibly schedule the remaining time. The 3 hours we still haven’t used are like a security blanket we can use for a tune-up at any time. We have referred at least 3 couples we know can be helped to stay together. Thank you for this wonderful program.

Parkland, FL

We tried traditional counseling for an hour a week. It seemed like when we just started to get into our issues it was time to end. There was no way we were going to figure things out unless we had something more substantial. Our three-day intensive was nothing like anything we had experienced in previous therapy. It totally saved our marriage.

Bob and Carol
Lake Worth, FL

We flew in from Buffalo on a Friday, pretty much hating each other. By Sunday afternoon so much had taken place. I don’t think either of us were prepared for what followed. The approach taken with us was extremely respectful and neither one of us felt blamed for our problems. In our previous therapy, it always seemed like one of us was more at fault. I only wish we had done this sooner.

Karen & Jim
Buffalo, New York

My husband and I are both attorneys and have really challenged our previous therapists. We needed strong therapists and our team really knew how to handle us. I have great respect for the work these people do and my husband and I are doing much better.

Miami, FL

The best part of our Full-Day intensive was the time we spent with our relationship coach. After all the talking, she was able to get us to understand each other in ways that no amount of talking could. All of the barriers came down and we could really began to hear and understand one another. This was the critical component for us.

Weston, FL

I can’t believe we were initially concerned about the cost. It scares me to think what getting a divorce would have cost us. And how unnecessary! Thank you couples on the brink for saving our relationship.

Park Ridge, NJ

We had been searching for something other than once a week counseling for a long time. We didn’t know anything like this existed. When we got to your website, we knew it was different and figured we’d give it a try before we give up. We were certainly on the brink because we were having the same arguments over and over again and they never got resolved. When we called for an appointment, we really didn’t like one another very much. With the added time, we were able to finally push through to some resolutions and we realized the ways that we were misunderstanding one another. We really had no idea what to expect but this was so different from anything else we had experienced. We would definitely recommend this to other people who are struggling in their relationship and who are not ready to give up.

Jeff and Karen
West Palm Beach, FL

We signed up for a Full-Day intensive but I couldn’t imagine what we were going to talk about for eight hours. Well the time flew by! Instead of talking about a lot of different areas, we were able to talk at great length about where we were stuck. We worked with a male-female co-therapy team who were terrific. It took us a long time to reach out for help and I never pictured going to any kind of counseling or therapy. I can honestly say that we would have divorced if we hadn’t found Couples On The Brink.

Wilton Manors, FL

One of our previous therapists wrote down on a piece of paper what we should say and do with one another. It was the most ridiculous thing Rick and I ever heard of. If it were that easy we wouldn’t be in counseling. Another therapist only wanted to talk about our respective childhoods. This was interesting but didn’t do us any good with our current problems. In our Couples on the Brink sessions, we talked about things that were relevant to our situation today. We stayed focused on the here and now and what each of us could do to make things better. That approach really worked with us.

Ellen and Rick
Plantation, FL

We can’t thank you enough. Couples on the Brink worked for us when we needed it most. We have sent many friends and family members your way. Keep up the good work.

Cindi and Patrick
Fort Lauderdale, FL

We got to the brink because Samantha wouldn’t let up about my ex-wife. She was nothing to me but we had to deal with each other because of the kids. Every time her name came up Samantha would start a fight with me. It was becoming unbearable. When I suggested counseling, my wife found Couples on the Brink. They were able to point out the ways that I was unknowingly staying loyal to my ex, standing up for her in place of siding with Samantha. That recognition was important for me as was the recognition for Samantha that she could take a different approach around my ex. This one issue that had pretty much broken us up is now a non-issue for us and life is so much easier.

Carlos and Samantha
Delray Beach, FL

A wonderful experience. We were very lucky to find this program because without it we would definitely have split up.

Scott and Cathy
Davie, FL

It is embarrassing to say but my husband was obsessed with pornography. It didn’t matter if it was DVDs, magazines or the Internet. He had no idea how it made me feel and he refused to get help. When I told him I was leaving him if we didn’t get help he finally agreed. I let him choose the counselor and he found Couples on the Brink. I was expecting our therapists to really lay in to my husband about his pornography habits. On the contrary, our therapist’s confronting but supportive style allowed my husband to see what his habit was doing to our relationship. We made some agreements and have so far stuck to them. It’s been a year and I can honestly say that we are now quite far from the brink.

Susan and Timmy
Cooper City, FL

I just want to let you know that Couples on the Brink saved my marriage! Second marriages can be very trying on a good day. Being single for 15 years made it difficult to learn how to adjust when my second husband, Dennis, and I married and moved in together.

Trying to adjust to another person in the house when you are set in your ways can be very difficult. We were both used to doing things, “Our Way”. It seemed like we were fighting about trivial things every day. I found it very strange that when we had to make “big” decisions, it was easy. It was the insignificant little knit-picking things that were making a mess our marriage. At one point I even packed up my bags and wanted to just go back to being single.

You counselor changed all of that. She was never judgmental, helping both Dennis and I get beyond the “Small Things” and bring the focus back to understanding, sharing, listening, and not always having to be “Right”.

We have now been married for almost 8 years and things could not be better. Now instead of wanting to ask him to leave the house, I just want to give him a big hug and tell him how much I love him!

What can I say but… a “BIG THANK YOU”!

Cheryl & Dennis
Round Rock, TX

We went to a female therapist who sided with my wife and made me out to be the bad guy. When saw a male therapist that I liked but my wife felt he didn’t understand her perspective. We decided to give Couples on the Brink a try because they had male and female co-therapy teams. This is exactly what we needed for each of us to feel understood.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

My biggest complaint with therapists in the past was that as soon as we got down to an issue that time was up and we had to wait a full week to continue. It seemed like time always ran out as soon as we got rolling. What caught my eye with Couples on the Brink was they took time out of the equation. However much time we needed to resolve an issue we got. Some of our sessions were over two hours long and they were grueling but at least we were able to push through to some resolution. I honestly don’t think we would have gotten better with only one hour a week.

Chris and Andrea
Lighthouse Point, FL

By far the team consultation was what helped us the most. It got to the heart of our struggle and gave us some concrete answers about what to do. We were lost and hanging on by a thread. Thank you for all your help.

MaryPlantation, FL

Thank you very much for starting Couples on the Brink. I can honestly say that we would be divorced now if it wasn’t for your weekend intensive.

Patti and Jimmy
Coconut Creek, FL

By far the best counseling experience we have had. What helped us was to focus on our specific needs. I was afraid we were going to waste time exploring our past histories and that the immediate issues we had would take a backseat. That was absolutely not the case. My only concern was sometimes our therapist was moving a little fast for us. We took so much from our sessions and sometimes we needed more time to assimilate the changes. Overall I would recommend these services to any couple that has already been through marriage counseling with little or no success.

Marathon, FL

My wife refused to attend therapy. I initially didn’t see the point of going myself. However, I thought I would give the solo track to try. What an eye-opener! Not only did I need support when my wife threatened to leave but I didn’t realize all the ways I was pushing her away. We tried to get my wife to join our sessions but she never did. Nonetheless, I was able to make important changes and although things are still not great, they are much better than they were. Thank you for all the help and support.

Sunrise, FL

We had a co-therapy team who were very caring and professional. I was impressed with their honesty about being stuck with us. When things were going nowhere, they suggested a team consultation. We were ready to try anything. The team consultation proved very helpful. Members of the team had some really important insights and perspectives that were different from our primary therapists. Although a little intimidating at first, the team consultation really worked for us.

Bill and Michelle
Plantation FL

Renée and I had never been to a therapist before. We had no idea what to expect with Couples on the Brink. We were pleasantly surprised that it was a positive learning experience for both of us. I think we both felt we would be attacked or blamed by the other one and that things would get out of control. That never happened and we were able to solve some long-standing problems between us. Pushing through our hesitation was well worth it.

Todd and Renee
Miami, FL

We were going in a real bad direction. I’m glad we caught it when we did. We found this program when we really needed it and are grateful for all the help we got.

Tim and Lynn
Oakland Park, FL

I never dreamed that we would ever need to go to a marriage counselor. I always thought that a stranger would never be able to tell us something about our relationship that we didn’t already know. I really had it backwards. Our therapists were able to share perspectives that never occurred to us. We always left with ideas that made us think. It seems each session, we left with ideas about how we could treat each other differently. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Damian and Roxanna
Lauderhill, FL

We had split up and gotten back together many times. I was sick of the back and forth and wanted to put an end to our unhappiness. I had even consulted an attorney and gave a deposit. My husband convinced me that instead of getting different attorneys we should go through a mediator. As we were looking for one online we came across the Couples on the Brink website by accident. After reading about how the program is different from traditional marriage counseling, we agreed that we didn’t have anything to lose. Thank goodness for the Internet or we probably never would have found out about this program. I’m not sure if we were just ready or what but everything our therapist said made so much sense. I also think it might have had something to do with hitting rock bottom and having the right kind of help. If one of those ingredients wasn’t there, I don’t think we would have made it.

Linda and Kevin
Davie, FL

We were over the brink when we had our first session. I don’t think either of us really thought this would work. However, your co-therapy approach was so different for us and so helpful. Having two therapists hear both sides really helped to defuse a lot of our anger. Once the anger had diminished, it was much easier to actually work on problem solving. The other key for us was figuring out how to let go of the past. Neither of us had realized how much a part of our present life arguments were driven by problems from our past. It’s been six months since our last Couples on the Brink session and we are still doing quite well. Thank you very much.

Robert and Nicole
Parkland, FL

My fiancé and I put off our wedding three times. I always thought if we gave ourselves more time we would eventually find peace but unfortunately the peace never came. A friend of ours recommended us to Couples on the Brink. We had seen a marriage counselor before but it didn’t seem to help. During our first session we shared things with each other in ways we never had before. It didn’t take long for us to realize what had been holding us back all this time. We had a beautiful wedding last year and have been living with more peace than either of us ever imagined.

Boca Raton, FL

My husband and I were always very hesitant about asking a stranger for help on our relationship. What we liked about Couples on the Brink is that we were able to attend their weekend workshop to get a feel for their program. We were able to ask questions about what we were getting into and even meet our potential therapists. This gave my husband and I an opportunity to get a taste of the program before we made any decisions.

Alex and Sean
Sebastian, FL

Two or three weeks after we finished our first cycle my boyfriend and I found ourselves falling back into the same old patterns. One day I printed out the letters we received after each session for us to sit down and read together. What a difference it made for us to go back to our experience and remember some of the simple solutions we had already forgotten. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these letters with us. You have no idea how helpful they have been!

Alicia and John
Pembroke Pines, Fl