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In our approach, being in a bad or miserable place in your relationship is a great place to start. From experience, we know that most couples are making the same two or three mistakes in every area of their relationship. When these mistakes are corrected, the relationship transforms. Unlike approaches that focus on the past, our strategies are designed to have an immediate impact on the present.

Many couples we see are dealing with issues relating to communication, trust, fidelity, boredom, and questioning their love for one another. Others are caught up in careers or parenting that they have forgotten about their relationship. Leading parallel lives for so long, they are having feelings of uncertainty about staying together. Still others are living years in quiet desperation in miserable or stagnant relationships. They stay stuck, frustrated and unable to make any positive changes. Our specialists have advanced training in helping couples find the tools necessary to get unstuck and and rediscover a relationship long forgotten. Our goal is to help you create immediate and positive changes in your relationship.

You and your partner are capable of relating in loving and caring ways. In our model, we do not give you simplistic advice. We help you discover the perspective and tools that helped you connect with one another in the first place. Unfortunately, these are easily lost. Rediscovering what is already known and putting it into practice is what turns loveless relationships around.


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