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Many couples are referred to us from previous clients or friends and family members who know about our services. However, if you are encountering us for the first time on the internet, you may not have the same confidence as when you receive a personal referral. That is why we offer a FREE consultation to all new clients. A phone consultation is particularly helpful when your partner is reluctant or not sure about getting help. Free consultations are done over the phone and last approximately 15-30 minutes. Please note that consultations are not therapy sessions.

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Most couples begin counseling without a strong, well thought out plan for success. As with other major decisions in life, getting help for your marriage or long-term relationship deserves an intelligent and executable action plan. Such a plan should be tailored to the unique needs of each couple and should ultimately save you time and money.

During an evaluation session, we assess important areas of functioning including communication, trust, conflict resolution and intimacy, among others. If you are like most couples we see, you are doing poorly in most if not all of these areas. We will give you specific recommendations about what type of counseling (or other intervention) is right for you and the likelihood of success associated with each. The investment for attending an evaluation session is $250. Couples will receive the following:

 ü  90-minute session with two licensed PhD's who specialize in relationship transformation

 ü  Recommendations on the most appropriate kind of intervention for your situation (hourly sessions, intensive sessions, multi-day retreats etc.)

 ü  Immediate feedback about what steps need to be taken to transform your relationship or lovingly transition out of the relationship

 ü  Resources for change including books, support groups and options for individual therapy if appropriate.



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