It’s not uncommon for people to notice a few wrinkles in a relationship.

“If you’re in any relationship for any length of time, then you are eventually going to get to that point where you need a tune-up, so-to-speak,” Melissa Bridges told CBS4 Health Reporter Dr. Sean Kenniff.

Bridges’s practice can be found at; she’s a relationship therapist along with Dr. Paul Maione, both of whom explain that like people’s faces and bodies, relationships, too, grow old.

“Let’s face it, most couples walking around could use a lift in their relationship,” added Maione, which is what they offer in an intensive therapy best described as a ‘Love Lift’.

“What we do at ‘Couples on the Brink’ is almost a little more like reconstructive surgery than just cosmetic surgery,” Bridges mentioned.

Like any operation, the ‘Love Lift’ starts with anesthesia–providing a pain-free environment to discuss relationship problems. Maione said, “That is the anesthesia that allows us to get over those humps, those hurdles that allow the couple to make positive changes” while Bridges complemented the discussion saying, “They are so numb, they have no life left in the relationship.”

In most case, a relationship-saving surgery can be performed; with insight and suggestions coming not from one therapist, but from several at once.

“You have to have a team of surgeons,” explained Bridges, “so our perspective is a team approach.”

Sessions can be intense.

“Some couples require major surgery. There are layers, upon layers of hostility and layers of resentment,” Maione observed. Bridges added, “We have them sit with us for eight hours in a day sometimes.”

Maione and Bridges say they work, offering hope even for ‘Couples on the Brink’, saying they try to bring back people to ‘a place’ where they can remember why they fell in love.

Happy relationships are healthy. Studies have shown couples who decided to stay together, even through difficult times, have fewer regrets than those who separated.

“Couples On The Brink” have offices located at 8551 Sunrise Blvd. in Plantation, phone number (954) 660-7272.

Dr. Sean Kenniff