Our Story

Relationships are our passion. As professionals in the field of couples counseling, we’ve spent the last 20+ years fine-tuning our methods of helping couples in moderate to severe emotional distress. As our approach evolved, we have stayed committed to the idea of challenging commonly held beliefs about counseling and couples work whenever they have proved limiting or unhelpful. We resist one size fits all approaches in favor of a more flexible model increasing the likelihood for positive outcomes.

A couple on the brink is not the same as a couple with minor relationship issues. For minor relationship issues, traditional marriage counseling may work. You might even be helped with an insight from a book or one of the many tape programs now available for couples. But for difficult, extreme, or chronic situations, something very different is needed. Couples on the Brink is designed to fill this gap and address these specific needs. Our staff, composed of licensed professionals, are available right now to help you.

Challenging the status quo isn’t always easy, but often times necessary. Our clients’ positive responses and outcomes continue to inspire us to challenge accepted ways of working with couples–even our own–in favor of getting increasingly better at what we do.



Dr. Paul Maione and Dr. Melissa Bridges practice, train, teach and speak nationally on the merits of intensive couples therapy and are pioneering advocates for more creative and intensive approaches to helping couples transform their relationships.