• Are You Struggling With:
  • Confusion about ending your relationship
  • Being understood by your partner
  • Insecurity because you cannot resolve the past
  • Loneliness because you feel your relationship is unfulfilling
  • Anxiety because your future with your partner is uncertain
  • Our Services Help Couples:
  • Communicate more effectively, so you can have difficult conversations with ease
  • Rebuild trust, so you can feel more secure and regain hope for the future
  • Let go of the past, so you can be more present
  • Find lasting resolution to pain and resentment, so you can pave the way for a new experience

Reclaim the life you want, so you can feel loved again!

Our experiences have led us to an essential conclusion

The Brink is an opportunity to Growth and Transformation.

We have found that as difficult as this time might be for some couples, it is the most ideal time to have honest communication in order to transform a relationship. Click here to go directly to our Getting Started page for a complete description of our services and solutions.

Are you considering separation or divorce?

The pain of splitting up or staying together in misery is obvious. Most couples have a shared history, worthy of making every effort to stay together and figure things out. Couples with children have an extra incentive to stay together. In addition, the financial and emotional costs of divorce can be devastating.

Our model works because we offer tailored and focused treatment, which allows greater opportunity for success, even with the most serious of relationship crisis.

While sometimes effective, traditional marriage counseling and couple’s therapy consists of hour-long therapy sessions once per week. We find this approach severely limiting and even potentially harmful for relationships in severe distress.

Before you do, consider what’s possible …

  • More love and respect
  • A greater understanding about the past
  • Finally feeling heard
  • Peace of mind about your children’s well-being
  • A shared vision for the future

We believe that arriving at the brink is a necessary stage in every marriage or long term relationship. That’s right, it's not IF you get to the Brink, but what you do WHEN you get there. This stage in a relationship is not something to fear, but it is an indicator that the relationship is ready to undergo a change—a needed and ultimately positive change. Reconnecting or finding a loving way to let go is often necessary, and simpler than most people think.

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